Spruceridge Homes and Design  

CCB# 84232


Real estate agents use us for CONSULTATION...you can too!  Is this lot buildable?  What county permits do I need?  Can you interpret this geological report?  We have an excellent working relationship with the county and local businesses in the central coast area.


NEED A LOT FOR YOUR HOUSE?  We have property listed w/ Windemere Realty.  We have "just the house" in mind for them, or you may have your own ideas.


Need some help deciding on your style?   Too many DECISIONS to make?  We'll walk you through the process of having a home built.  


If you live out of state or town and we're building your home  you'll get regular UPDATES.  And as "situations"  usually do arise,  you WILL get someone who thinks creatively and on the spot.  SOLUTIONS can be found and worked out along the way.


The recent economy has tempered a lot of people's "wish  lists"  lately, so if a new house isn't in the cards right now, and a  REMODEL or ADDITION is,  know  that you will get the same attention and creative ideas we would give to a new house.